Once again Wine Embassy takes control of our wine dispenser !
Rediscover 8 wines selected by Wine Embassy.


Because it’s very hot these days, we will focuse on Rosée & White wines.

All wines by the glass from top values every day favourites to top notch fine wines.
Taste them at your own pace, with The Refinery Wine Dispenser.

Buy credit on a card to use in our Wine Dispenser
(which you can re-use with no time limit)
and free crostini with you card

500K –> 1 free Bruschetta
1M—–> 2 free crostini of your choice
2M—–> 3 free crostini of your choice
3M—–> 4 free crostini of your choice

Be your own wine master, help yourself!

Here is crostini list :

Chorizo, Potato & Olives
Sesame Chicken & Swiss Cheese
Goat’s Cheese, Rocket & Roast Tomatoes
Gorgonzola & Caramelised Pink Onion
Steak, Roasted Shallot & Swiss Cheese
Tomato, Anchovy, Red Pepper & Virgin Oil
Tomato, Mozzarella, Olives & Rocket

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